Child Life Insurance Plans

Parents can invest fixed amounts every year which can be timed to mature when the child attains a certain age, say 18 years. Major events in the child's life, like marriage or higher studies can be planned and financed by Child Life Insurance Policies if the parent takes adequate plans at the right time.


Shriram Life Genius Assured Benefit Plan

Shriram Life Genius Assured Benefit Plan is a traditional plan where all the benefits are guaranteed. This plan offers a unique blend of life insurance and maturity benefit by paying premium for 10 years. This plan is ideal for you if you are looking for complete protection of your family and providing financial support to your child's dream.
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New Shri Vidya

Shriram New Shri Vidya Plan (UIN-128N051V01) is designed for you to make your child's aspirations come true. The Plan offers survival benefits to adjust according to your child's education requirements and also insurance cover in case of any unfortunate event happens to you.
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New Shri Vivah

Wedding is an auspicious and lifetime event which brings joy and hapiness in one's life. To make it more memorable and happiest event, it has to be well planned and properly financed. We understand this responsibility of yours and stand beside you with our Shriram New Shri Vivah Plan.
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Child Life Insurance Plans in India

No joy can be greater than becoming a parent and to have your child in your arms. However, this happiness comes with a new set of responsibilities. Every parent strives towards providing their kids everything they would need, starting from birth of the baby to his/her studies and marriages to their eventual settlement.

The biggest dream of every parent is to provide a secure life to their children. Every parent wants the best for their kids. Choose a Child life insurance policy to ensure that their future is bright. Child plans offer the much needed financial support to the children.

Child Life Insurance Plans assist in handling the expenses for marriage and higher studies. This becomes more crucial if, due to some unforeseen circumstances, the family loses its breadwinner. A child plan secures his/her future under all the circumstances. Its helps you fulfill all the demands of your children without any compromise. To get a secure future for your child and a stress free life for yourself, all you are required to do is to invest a small amount from your income. This will take care of all the major expenses which you and your kid would face in the coming years.

Importance of a Child life insurance plan?

  • A child plan is needed to make certain that his/her future is secure. It is needed to aid them in leading a life of their choice by catering to the specific requirements and dreams of every child, to make certain that his/her needs are fulfilled at the right time.
  • To help them in getting their choice of education as well as assist them in extra curricular interests.
  • To ensure that they can choose a career of their interest, without worrying about the economic support.
  • To make the dream of a perfect wedding come true, both for parents and their children.

How to select the most suitable Child plan?

If you are wondering on how to choose a suitable child insurance plan, then have a look at these suggestions below.

  • Understand the probable future needs of your child then choose the plan which can fulfill those specific requirements.
  • Consider every angle of the risks and your capabilities to bear them.
  • Do decide with careful evaluation that whether you want to reap all the benefits at once or at different stages.
  • You can choose broadly from two variants: traditional plans and ULIPs.

Best time to choose Child Policy:

There is no specific time. You can decide on child insurance as soon you realize that it is needed. It can be on the day when your baby is born or the day he/she goes to school for the first time.

Things to be careful of:

When finalizing an insurance plan for child, make sure you have a trusted appointee for the plan. In case of your unseen absence, the appointee should be capable of taking care of your child in the best possible way, till your child becomes capable of handling his/her responsibility himself/herself.

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