Withdrawn Plans & Riders - Shriram Life Insurance

  Shri Nidhi (UIN - 128N003V01)

  Shri Life (UIN - 128N001V01)

  Shri Raksha (UIN - 128N002V01)

  Shri Vidya (UIN - 128N005V01)

  Shri Laabh (UIN - 128N006V01)

  Shri Vivah (UIN - 128N007V01)

  Shri Suraksha (UIN - 128N014V01)

  Shriram Akshay Nidhi (UIN - 128N023V01)

  Shriram Money Back Term (UIN - 128N039V01)

  Shriram New Money Back Term (UIN - 128N041V01)

  Shriram Janasuraksha (UIN - 128N018V01)

  Shriram Credit Sheild (UIN - 128N019V01)

  Shri Plus (UIN - 128L004V01)

  Shri Plus (SP) (UIN - 128L008V01)

  Shri Vidya Plus (UIN - 128L015V01)

  Shri Vikash (UIN - 128L013V01)

  Shri Vishram (UIN - 128L010V01)

  Shri Life Plus (UIN - 128L016V01)

  Shri Laabh Plus

  Shriram Future Wealth (UIN - 128L020V01)

  Shriram Investment Guarantee (UIN - 128L021V01)

  Shriram Pension Plan (UIN - 128L022V01)

  Shriram Shri Plus-II (UIN - 128L027V01)

  Shriram Shri Plus(SP)-II (UIN - 128L025V01)

  Shriram Shri Vikash -II (UIN -128L024V01)

  Shriram Shri Vishram-II (UIN - 128L028V01)

  Shriram Shri Vidya Plus-II (UIN - 128L029V01)

  Shriram Future Wealth-II

  Shriram Pension Plan-II

  Shriram Ujjwal life (UIN - 128L034V01)

  Shriram Ujjwal Life (SP) (UIN - 128L035V01)

  Shriram Life Wealth Plus (UIN - 128L036V01)

  Shriram Fortune Builder Insurance Plan (UIN - 128L038V01)

  Online Shriram Guaranteed Return Plan (UIN - 128N049V01)

  Guaranteed Return Plan (UIN - 128N049V01)

  Guaranteed Wealth Preserver (UIN - 128N055V01)

  Online Guaranteed Wealth Preserver (UIN - 128N055V01)

  Star Shri Individual Care (UIN - 129/128CP001V01)

  Star Shri Family Care (UIN - 129/128CP002V01)

  Group Term Life Insurance Plan (version-1) (UIN - 128N042V01)

  Group Term Life Insurance in lieu of EDLI (version-1) (UIN - 128N040V01)

  Immediate Annuity Plan (UIN - 128N009V01)

  Shriram Life Assured Advantage (UIN - 128N067V01)

  Shriram Group Term Life Insurance (UIN-128N042V02)

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