Women Life Insurance Plans

Parents can invest fixed amounts every year which can be timed to mature when the child attains a certain age, say 18 years. Major events in the child's life, like marriage or higher studies can be planned and financed by Child Life Insurance Policies if the parent takes adequate plans at the right time.


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Women Life Insurance Plans

Women share equal amount of responsibilities as any man. Thus it becomes equally important for them as well to plan their finances and life judicially. Women life insurance plans are especially designed for taking care of women's specific requirements and their needs. These plans not only assist women in proper planning of their finances but also helps them in securing their future and of those dependent on them. These insurance plans have been carefully made, after considering their specific financial and medical requirements at various stages of life.

Most of the women insurance plans focus on three kinds of insurer, who can be differentiated on the basis on their earnings and financial status. These are:

  • Working women, who have a regular source of income.
  • Women who gets their earnings via various interests, rent, dividend, etc. Their incomes from these sources are also taxable.
  • Home-makers, who do not have any fixed source of regular income.

Types of women Insurance

Term Insurance Plans: Term Insurance plans offer financial security to one's family and to those who are dependent on you. Along with offering a cover for you, it also allows your family to lead a comfortable life in case of any unforeseen event. For instance, in case of insurer demise, the corpus is given to the immediate family, ensuring an economically stable life for them.

Retirement Insurance Plans: Pension or retirement plans allows you to build enough corpus to fulfill your requirements during the golden years of your life. Buying these plans will ensure a constant cash flow even during non-earning years, and assist you in leading an independent life even then.

Child Insurance plans: For those, who have a child, child insurance plan is one of the best ways of securing his/her future. These insurance plans allow you to save enough sums for your child future and to fulfill his/her requirements later in life such as higher education, marriage, etc. By buying these plans you can ensure a constant flow of cash at various important stages of your child's life.

Health Insurance Plans: Different kinds of health insurance plans have been designed to especially cater to women's health requirements. These insurance plans provide cover for a wide range of critical illnesses for singles mothers, working mothers, single ladies and married women. There are also other insurance plans that offer cover for personal accident and risks pertaining to travelling.

Why women life insurance plan:

  • To financially secure the future of your family, in case of any unpredictable and unfortunate event such as death, accident and permanent disability
  • To make sure that those dependent on you lead a comfortable life, even in your absence. In case of single working women, aging parents and younger siblings might be economically dependent.
  • In case of mothers, it ensures a smooth higher education for your child.
  • To get a suitable retirement plan and secure one's future; even for those who you don't have a fixed income or are home-makers.
  • To get insurance against critical illnesses as well as against women specific health issues such as for cradle care, during pregnancy, diseases such as cancer (breast, uterine, vaginal, ovarian, cervical and fallopian tube), problem during the birth of the child, etc.
  • To ensure economic stability, in case of spouse's death or permanent disability

Right time to choose:

It is advisable to buy an insurance plan as early as you can. The plan tends to be cheaper when the insurer is younger and healthier as with age, one tends to develop various ailments.

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